Category Page

<p>Category Page</p>

Unlimited number of categories and products: The platform ensures a fast operation of a website with any number of categories and products.

Unique properties for every category are used to describe products in detail, filter, and compare them.

Product modifications: Products may differ in color, size, volume and other parameters. Every variant may be assigned its own item number, price, photo and other properties. Yet all the variants can be united into one product page with an option to dynamically switch between the variants.

Automatic recalculation of price according to currency range: Prices for products may be determined in different currencies. It is sufficient to maintain the actual currency rate in order to automatically update prices.

Placing one product in several categories: Every product can be placed in the main category as well as in several additional categories. It allows creating virtual categories, for example: “Sale” or “Products of the Week”. Also, arranging accessories in different categories with no need to double the goods.

Setting the product availability status: This helps to define what availability status each product has. This is changed depending on the available supply for each product.

Adjustable filtration: This provides a possibility to set up the required filtering parameters for every section, including filtering by color and price with a free-range selection. It is also possible to set up cross-cutting filtering of product catalogs by properties like “Sales”, “Brand New”, and “Top Seller”.

The product list will be updated without reloading the page; when using filters, changing filter order or switching to another page.

Adjustable mini card: Except for basic information (name, photo, price) you can display additional elements, such as SKU, rating, stickers, stock status, buy button, and add product to favorites/comparison button, etc.

Advanced data when hovering the cursor over the product: Options, product variants and changing the image while hovering.

Landing pages for categories and brands: Additional data can be placed here apart from the product list, such as banners, sub-category tree, SEO-text, links to related articles and other data units.

Recently viewed items: A customer can quickly go back to any product they viewed during the current visit.

When comparing products; Customers have the possibility to choose between goods by comparing their technical properties.

B2B Groups of buyers: This allows you to display different prices and configure access to site pages for separate lists of customers.

Warehouse stock balance: Products can be added to the warehouse stock, either manually or by importing from Excel file or accounting program by means of integrated API. When processing an order, the required number of products is automatically removed from warehouse balance along with product status changing. In the case of order cancellation, the values are correctly adjusted to the warehouse balance.

Product Page

<p>Product Page</p>

The start screen shows all important data: Name, photo, SKU, rating, current price, old strikethrough price, sales stickers, manufacturer logo, and gift.

Product modification: Helps change the variants of the product (by color, size and other parameters). Changing information that differs from the selected variant (photo, price, availability, article, etc) occurs without reloading the page.

Personal discount and delivery cost: Calculated depending on product price.

Favorite Products: Allows tracking changes in the price of products or receiving notifications if the product becomes available.

One-click purchase: Enables placing an order with minimal contact information.

Advanced product information can be placed in additional tabs: description, options, video, reviews, and block with additional information.

Photo gallery, video, 360° view: All the media is presented in one module window. Moreover, video is opened in a separate tab to focus attention on its availability.

Accessories, similar products, recommended groups and other groups of additional products can be selected manually per product or automatically based on certain logic — products of certain categories, properties or titles.

Product comments: This helps to form a product customer rating; they become an additional source of information about product properties and can also be used to answer a buyer's questions. All customers who placed their orders through your store will receive an email asking to comment on their experience when using the products they have purchased.


Configurable blocks help to display all the required information on the homepage and produce an essential impression on the customer.

Website header contains all relevant information — logo, slogan, search field, contact information, cart, working hours, additional menu and personal account.

A big banner with dynamic sliding and additional banners for sales events.

Product showcase — displays products on sale, new arrivals and top sellers which attract a customers attention to the selected items.

Category pages can be displayed in several formats — popular categories only or all categories and subcategories with large or small icons or with no icons at all.

Block with key brand logos helps customers to find faster goods of the brand they are interested in.

News, promotions and reviews are displayed in one feed and can be followed by pictures, if necessary.

Social media widgets help to use the capacity of social media to promote your online store.

Advantages of your store described in brief statements help to focus on key features of your store.

Multi-language support enables translation of the content on the website into other languages


Discounts and Sales

<p>Discounts and Sales</p>

Old strikethrough price can be specified either for a particular product or a whole category by stating the discount to be displayed on products as a sticker.

Cumulative discount system is a customer loyalty program with the purpose to stimulate consumers to repurchase.

Gift certificates: The perfect solution for a shopper and an additional possibility to increase sales for the owner.

Discount coupons: Used for different marketing activities related to upcoming holiday dates or targeted to particular auditory.

Gift items: The perfect solution to replace product price reduction when competing for customers.

Product packages: To help increase the average profit by selling additional goods and accessories.

Shopping Cart

<p>Shopping Cart</p>

A modal window cart appears on any page of an online store, right after a product is being added to the cart, this helps to proceed to checkout easily.

Detailed order information: Products, gifts, packages, quantity, price and the total including discounts.

Gift certificates and discount coupons can be applied directly in the cart window with automatic calculation of discount amount.

Displaying accessories to the products in the cart with the possibility to add them to the order.



A simple and functional checkout form requires minimum efforts from a buyer and collects all the essential data. Signing up for an account is a seamless process for a customer.

Quick registration via social media makes it possible to get personal user information from their social media account. The customer only needs to fill in the missing data required for delivery.

Delivery cost is calculated automatically depending on the selected shipping method and total price of the order.

Quick order requires a minimal amount of data for those customers who prefer to place orders by phone.

On-line payment by banking cards when using Stripe, PayPal and other payment services. If there is no precise data on product availability, a link to payment is sent only after confirmation from a manager.

Minimum order amount: Buyers can purchase if they have added products to the cart exceeding the minimum order amount.

Email notifications can be sent to both the customer and manager in relation to ordering.

Delivery options can be limited to specific cities and countries.

User Profile

<p>cms for online store</p>

A traditional set of functions: A simple sign up process, changeable personal data, password reminding.

One-click sign in via social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google.

Order history: Detailed info, products, discounts, bottom-line price, delivery status, tracking number and payment links for orders with unfinished payment.

List of saved products: When updating the price or availability of the goods, a customer receives an email notification.


Dynamic search: The results are displayed immediately after several initial letters are typed in the search field.

Search result filtering helps to narrow down the search result.

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Additional Information

Text pages with additional information about your store, warranties, services, customer loyalty programs and other information for customers.

Contact Information with an interactive map and all contact methods.

News, sales, and reviews are gathered on one page with other informational materials. Sales are marked with stickers to attract the customers' attention. Links to materials related to products can be displayed on pages of corresponding categories.

A Page with listed brands: Logos of all brands in the shape of tiles, for a handy visual search of the brand.


Human readable URL-addresses: Automatic generation according to a specified template as well as manual editing.

Semantic code on HTML5 and CSS3, no excessive code, correct use of headings, image texts and a lot of other features shall increase the search engine rating of your online store.

Page indexation control: Only effective pages are open for indexation, no double pages can be indexed.

Filter indexation control enables setting the required filters for indexation and set such items as h1, title and other tags according to a template.

Landing pages based on filtration results: A combination of filters can become a separate page where you can manually set URL, title and additional text.

Unique title, h1, keywords, and description for every page of the website can be generated according to specified templates or edited manually.

Sitemap.xml generation speeds up website indexation after launch as well as new pages indexation. It includes all pages and images of a website open for indexation.

Microdata tags significantly improve representation of your website in search results.

Place SEO texts on catalog pages without duplication on additional pages of the category.

High scores from Google Page Speed Insights are achieved by internal optimization of the platform code and fine server settings.

Image indexation: All photos get into sitemap.xml including captions made in manual mode or formed according to templates.

A separate mobile version: Smaller in size, loads faster and is more user-friendly. All this produces a positive impact on the stores quality on the part of Google and its positions in search results.

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Extended Google Analytics System is installed and configured by default when launching a website.

Configurable objectives tracking: new cart, checkout start and finish, etc.

Key metrics are always at hand: The number of visitors and conversion rates are displayed in the administration panel, including all orders made by phone and added by managers manually.

Easy installation of any external analytical systems or re-marketing systems: System code and tracked events can be set up in the administration panel with no need to engage developers.

<p>online store engines</p>


All emails are styled according to the websites design to prevent them from getting lost in the customers mailbox.

Notifications during order processing are sent to customers and assigned managers. One email about placing an order and another about online payment.

An email asking to leave a comment on a purchase is sent to customers sometime after the order has been received.

Abandoned cart emails are sent to customers who have added items to the cart but have not completed their order.

<p>online store engines</p>

Store Management

<p>online store script</p>

Website structure management: Create new product categories and informational pages, change their position in websites structure or completely delete them.

Page content management provides complete control over the information on your website.

Sign in via Google Account — no need to remember the password for your account.

Setting the currency rate helps to easily and immediately change prices for all products.

Discount management: Specify the terms of the cumulative discount system, set personal discounts for customers, generate gift certificates and discount coupons.

The banner system helps to focus the shoppers attention on the required sales and advantages.

Delivery and payment settings: Add new ways of shipping and payment and change the terms of existing ones.

Processing of all incoming messages: One unified interface to process call-back orders and comments to products.

Different access rights to the administration panel provide the effective teamwork of all staff members; sales managers, content managers and SEO-specialists.

Multi-language interface enables creating localized versions of the website for any regions and countries.

The Design Gallery gives you a choice of more than a hundred designs that you can apply to your online store.

The window with consent to the collection cookies can be displayed in different language versions with different text in it.

Export customers to xlsx file.

«Price upon request» button can be displayed instead of the price and «Buy» button.

Catalog Settings

<p>online store script</p>

Configurable product categories: Create unique features, set up filters and other parameters of category displaying.

Manual product management: Add, edit, copy, add a description, photos, videos, properties and any other piece of information about a product.

Bulk product management in a table view mode enables quick editing of price, number, and status of products.

Automatic photo processing: Generation of photo previews of the required sizes and placing watermarks.

Mass product uploading: Import products with description and properties out of XLSX, CSV, XML -files, upload and process photos.

Catalog export in XLSX and also in XML for different platforms (Google, Facebook, etc).

Pro Wholesale prices depending on quantity allows you to set different item prices regarding the number of products in the order.

Order Processing

<p>online store engine</p>

A simple form to add orders placed by phone or other alternative sales channels; Keep complete accounting records on all orders in one place.

Configurable order processing: Placing an order, specifying details, shipping and closing an order. It is possible to add other order statuses as well.

Order editing: change cart contents, change or specify customer information.

Online payment moderation: If this function is activated, the buyer will receive a payment link only after the order is confirmed by the manager.

Print all the essential documents: use standard templates or set up your own formats.

Customer management: profile editing, order history reviewing and personal discount assigning.

Export orders to xlsx file.


Pro API enables integration with any external application.

Integration with Zapier provides the possibility for easy data exchange with 5000+ cloud applications.

Webhooks let external applications receive notifications whenever specified events are triggered on your website (i.e. checkout or adding items to the cart).

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