Perfect platform for search engine optimization of your online store

Websites on the Cartum Platform are completely ready for SEO with no need for long audits and updates

Search engines recommendations considered

Search engines provide straightforward SEO recommendations. To comply with them, other platforms may require installing additional modules or manual settings. We have introduced all recommendations into the basic platform version and made them available for every customer.

SEO-companies recommendations considered

We have accumulated all our experience in cooperation with SEO-companies, thoroughly studied diverse opinions and introduced the best solutions into the platform. In some cases we provide a degree of freedom in the settings.

Tools to simplify ecommerce search engine optimization

All SEO settings of ecommerce can be easily self-realized through the administration panel, not engaging platform developers. Routine tasks have been automated: templates to form SEO-tags, filter indexing control, generation of landing pages, etc.

Cartum helps
to save
on optimization
No need for technical audit and engaging the platform developers to introduce changes.
* approximately
2 month*
You can start SEO right away as there is no need to wait for a long audit to be completed to introduce its recommendations.

Have a website already? Switch to Cartum Platform with no losses in SEO

When migrating to the Cartum Platform you keep the content and page URLs as well as search engine positions of your website. Moreover, new Cartum functions will improve behavior factors and increase positions

In most cases, we can keep URLs of categories and products without changes
Simple transferring of contents by means of Excel import/export function
Direct migration between databases of the old site and the new one
Move to the Cartum Platform
and promote your online store efficiently

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