Plenty of pre-made modules that are poorly compatible with each other

Opencart developed a lot of pre-made modules that solve almost any problem. But different programmers develop them, so they often conflict among themselves. In addition, they become obsolete after a kernel system update. Therefore, the site requires constant support and the involvement of developers.

Out-of-the-box functionality

In Cartum, all modules are developed and supported by one team. We thoroughly check all functions for compatibility. All declared functionality works out of the box. We are constantly adding new features.


You need to customize the design for the developed functionality

Many different design templates have been created for OpenCart for every taste, but by default, they only support basic functionality. Therefore, you need to fine-tune the layout and design so that after installing additional modules, the site displays correctly. The process of development, testing and debugging is infinitely long.

Design and functionality are the same

In Cartum, all designs are thought out thoroughly, down to the last detail. Every template supports every available feature. You switch on the desired function and can be sure that it is well-represented in the website design.

SEO Tools

Requires audit, rework and additional costs

  • SEO audit: from one week
  • Tweaks and refinements: from one month
  • Additional costs: minimum five weeks

Before starting the seo-promotion of the site on OpenCart, the seo-company will conduct an audit and form a TS for rework. This TC implementation may cost as much as it costs to create the site and require additional time. Without it, the SEO promotion of the site will not make sense.

The site is technically fully SEO-ready

  • Already conducted dozens of audits
  • Take into account all recommendations
  • SEO tools for SEO specialists

Cartum has already undergone dozens of audits by leading SEO companies. All recommendations are implemented immediately in the basic version of the platform, available to all clients. Therefore, each new site does not need to be audited and reworked. Seo-experts can immediately start optimizing the site using ready-made tools.

Website Support

Solving many issues yourself and constantly looking for contractors

  • Exploring all features
  • Deployment of new modules and testing of the whole site
  • Updating engine version and fixing failed modules
  • Buying and setting up a server
  • Monitoring the site

A separate support team solves all issues for you

  • Advice on all issues
  • Help with the configuration of all functions
  • Bug fixing and release of new features
  • Proprietary cloud hosting
  • 24/7 website monitoring

Cost and timescale

How much will it cost to have Cartum analogue built on Opencart?

  OpenCart Cartum
Base price Free of charge Free of charge
Design ~ 150 $ Галочка
Basic functionality Галочка Галочка
Advanced functionality 50 modules per 1000 $ Галочка
Ready for SEO promotion ~ 500 $
Time frame 1-2 months 7 days
Total 1650 $ Free

Launch process

The process of creating a website on Opencart consists of many steps:

The start-up process is as automated and simplified as possible

Use Cartum
and forget about constant website development
7 days free test
We will customize the design
We can help you import your goods
Payment upon verification of the finished site

Need more information?

We will answer all your questions

Free test 7 days

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