The platform needs constant tweaking

WordPress is a simple and easy-to-use engine for building corporate websites. And WooCommerce - a free plugin for online shops. But its capabilities are limited. You must install additional themes and modules to perform all the necessary functions.

As a result, the acquisition of the necessary add-ons will cost more than the one-time purchase of a dedicated CMS system.

All functions work out-of-the-box

Cartum only specializes in online shops. All functions of Cartum work out of the box, so no additional installation is needed. Everything is developed and maintained by one team. The features undergo meticulous compatibility testing.

All you have to do is transfer your products to your website, set up the design you like and have a fully completed online shop in as little as seven days.


WooCommerce is an open-source platform, which is why hackers are constantly attacking it

WordPress online shops can't guarantee the protection of customers' sensitive information.

Cartum is a closed-source platform that minimizes the possibility of hacking

A constant monitoring system allows you quickly spot an attempted hacker attack and stop it.

Download speed

Suitable for launching a blog or a small online shop

The WordPress+WooCommerce bundle is great for launching a blog or selling 10-20 products.

Modules for WooCommerce don't offer optimization for many products. If there are thousands of items, it increases page load time on your website.

Allows you to create projects of various sizes

Cartum is a specialized CMS for online shops designed to accommodate a high merchandise volume.

Our server settings allow for the maximum speed of your online shops.


Integrations are made by different developers

On WordPress, integrations are made by different developers, so they need to be constantly monitored or hired specialists to connect and update them.

All required integrations work out of the box.

All integrations are made by a team of experts, and you don't need to spend time supporting them.


Many plugins and modules stop working correctly after an update

The online shop needs constant support and lots of tweaks with programmers..

On the cloud, sites are updated automatically, which does not affect performance

One team releases all updates and new solutions. They test thoroughly for compatibility and lack of errors.

Website Support

WordPress has no technical support

Due to the lack of technical support, you must keep looking for contractors or solve technical issues yourself.

Cartum provides support for the platform

The support team provides advice on platform issues and helps to set up and update websites.

Cost and timescale

Can a paid Cartum be cheaper than the conventionally free WooCommerce?

  WooCommerce Хорошоп
Base price Free of charge Free of charge
Design ~ 280 $ Галочка
Basic functionality Галочка Галочка
Advanced functionality ~ 800 $ Галочка
Ready for SEO promotion
Time frame 1-2 months 7 days
Total 1080 $ Free
Use Cartum
and forget about constant website development
7 days free test
We will customize the design
We can help you import your goods
Payment upon verification of the finished site

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