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H1 is an HTML tag that serves as a header and describes the textual content of the page. H1 is the main header of the text, it is displayed in a large font and there should only be one on the page. All other subheadings are marked with tags H2-H6. Much depends on the H1 tag in terms of how the search engine robot understands the page and determines the content on it. It also provides users with information about the content of the page and visually facilitates the perception of the text.

H1 should not be confused with the title of the page. Unlike H1, the title describes the entire page as a whole and is displayed in search results, tabs, and browser bookmarks. For example, when you make a search query and read the titles of the pages in the results, that's the title. In turn, H1 is only visible after you've accessed the page. It is desirable that these page parameters be different but have similar content. If both parameters are made the same, the search engine may perceive it as spam. Tips for using and composing an H1 header:

  • no more than one per page;
  • length should not exceed 60 characters;
  • should engage the reader;
  • should clearly inform about the textual content of the page;
  • should be different from the title;
  • does not contain intrusive keywords.
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