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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a method of promotion where a company directly reaches out to potential or existing customers to offer its products or services. In traditional advertising, the company sets targeting parameters for ad display, but doesn't control exactly who sees the ads. Direct marketing allows the company to determine who receives the advertising offer. Due to its flexibility, direct marketing can be targeted at specific groups of people or all of a company's customers. For example, a special promotional offer can be made to the most loyal customers to show them that they are valued.

Direct marketing has several variations that differ in the way they communicate with customers.

  1. Email marketing. When a company works with customers, it always collects their email addresses. This channel is used for most communication with customers and helps establish a close relationship with the audience. The email contact list can be segmented, and the emails themselves can be personalized. This way, the company can communicate directly with each customer and make them a special advertising offer.
  2. Telemarketing. Phone calls are used less and less for communicating with customers, but they still remain an important channel of communication. A phone call with an offer of new products or services is perhaps the brightest example of direct marketing. This method can be effective if the company knows in advance that the customer is interested in their product or service and will react normally to the call.
  3. SMS marketing. This is something in between email marketing and telemarketing. A phone number is also used here, but the communication is in text format. The likelihood that an SMS will be read is extremely high because people constantly check their smartphones. This type of direct marketing is easy to implement and is effective for informing customers about important events.

The main advantage of direct marketing is that it allows for specific targeting. This approach makes business promotion more cost-effective. This is because you don't spend your advertising budget on an audience that may not be interested in your services. However, direct marketing also has its disadvantages. Some customers may view it as an intrusive form of promotion, which can lead to a negative reaction. In addition, customers may not expect advertising messages from companies they are not familiar with.

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