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Drip Marketing

A Drip Marketing is an automated series of email newsletters designed to increase user engagement. Drip marketing allows businesses to stay in constant contact with their customers, remind them of their presence, and increase their loyalty. The emails that make up the campaign are pre-planned and sent automatically. Their purpose is to gradually guide the customer and introduce them to the company.

Drip marketing is directly related to trigger-based emails, as the emails are sent after certain actions are taken. For example, the first and most common stage of the email chain is the welcome email. The company sends it immediately after the user registers, fills out a form, or submits a request. With it, the company establishes the first contact with the user, which becomes the basis for subsequent emails. Within the framework of drip marketing, the company can send:

  • Emails with interesting content that will tell the user more about the company and pique their interest;
  • Instructions for using the product;
  • Promotional offers;
  • Messages about new products or company news;
  • Congratulatory emails;
  • Reminders about items left in the shopping cart;
  • Surveys and requests for reviews.

Personalization of emails is extremely important for the success of drip marketing, so before launching the campaign, companies need to gather information about their users. If they fail to do so, the emails will look like regular mass mailing, and the customer may lose interest. Another important factor is the regularity of sending emails. Drip marketing is an important part of lead nurturing, and to grow their customer base, businesses need to «water» it constantly. Make sure the emails remind customers of the company but are not intrusive.

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