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The email list is organized information about users who receive your company's newsletters. Building an email list is one of the main steps in implementing email marketing. The success of the mailing largely depends on the quality of the list, so managing the list should be given a lot of time. There are several common tools for building an email list:

  • order form — most buyers provide their email when making a purchase, and the company can offer a subscription to the newsletter;
  • pop-up windows on the website — offer the website visitor to subscribe to an interesting newsletter or exchange their email for some reward;
  • contests and promotions — create a promotional offer, the condition for receiving which will be providing an email address;
  • advertising on social networks — create ads with a form to fill out, where you need to specify your email;
  • registration on the website — to create a profile, users provide an address that you can add to the mailing list if you ask for permission.

No matter which method you choose to collect information for your email list, it is important to constantly inform users why you need their email. Permission is required to prevent complaints and emails from ending up in spam, which can harm you. Creating the email list yourself is the key to its quality and the loyalty of subscribers. If you buy a list or use other dirty tactics, the effectiveness of the mailing will be low. The list needs to be regularly cleaned and updated to remove lost, deleted accounts or people who have unsubscribed from the mailing. Otherwise, this will be the reason for the low open rate of emails.

The email list can be divided into two types. The first type is an unsegmented list. Subscribers who enter this list undergo no filtering. The company does not require any additional information from users to use in mailings. Therefore, all subscribers receive identical emails without any personalization, which negatively affects their interest in the messages. The unsegmented list is quite primitive, so it should only be created in the early stages of implementing email marketing.

A segmented email list is a list in which subscribers are divided into groups based on specific characteristics. When collecting addresses for the list, the company learns additional information about users, such as their age, gender, location, etc. In the future, this information is used to create personalized emails and content that are relevant specifically to the user. This approach increases the open rate and allows the company to establish better communication with subscribers. Therefore, when creating an email list, it is important to strive for segmentation.

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