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Look-alike Audience

Look-alike audience is a group of users who are automatically selected by an advertising platform based on information about the interests, characteristics, and behaviors of your real customers. Look-alike or similar audiences are used to launch targeted ads on Instagram, Facebook, or Google. This way, a company can increase its reach, not just to a cold audience, but to people similar to those who are already interested in their products or services.

To create a look-alike audience, you need to gather information about existing users in advance. There are tools, such as Facebook Pixel, that are installed on the website and track some events. For example, find out:

  • who spends a lot of time on the website;
  • who clicks on other ads to get to the site;
  • who adds a product to their cart;
  • who makes a purchase;
  • who registers on the site or fills out a form.

When the system collects enough information about users, you will be able to create a similar audience. The collected data can be used to segment users and create a similar audience based on selected parameters. The more information you provide to the system, the better audience it will select. You should also manually set some settings to narrow down the selected audience. Set geotargeting parameters and other additional characteristics for the look-alike audience if you want to make your ads more precise.

Using look-alike audiences has several important advantages:

  • they are easy to create;
  • they allow you to reach a new audience of potential customers;
  • they save promotion budget because the risk of wasting money on a cold audience is reduced;
  • they increase the effectiveness of advertising because the audience that may be interested in your products or services sees them.

With this advertising tool, you can test new audiences but with less risk to yourself. You won't have to look for potential customers from scratch, spending a lot of time and money. You will use a ready-made database and add new characteristics to search for the best solution. However, it is worth remembering to regularly update information about existing customers so that the system also updates data for look-alike audiences. The advertising platform will use the characteristics and interests of new customers, which will additionally increase the reach.

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