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The best online store name generators

Best free online store name generators

This article will tell you how to choose a good name for your online store using name generators.

Table of contents
  1. What are online store name generators?
  2. Namestation
  3. Dot-o-mator
  4. LeanDomainSearch
  5. Namelix
  6. To summarize

This article will tell you how to choose a good name for your online store using name generators.

What are online store name generators?

The name generator allows you to specify the criteria for the online store name, such as the number of letters and keywords. With these criteria, the service will give out dozens or even hundreds of options. But not all services are equally good. Some of them are primitive or inconvenient to use. We have studied popular generators and selected the best ones.


Namestation is a feature-rich name generator. The user can specify keywords, prefixes and suffixes and choose from style's variety. The name can be conceptual, classic, random, modified, etc. You can create a title by automatic matching or by a contest with live participants.

For automatic matching, enter a keyword in English and click "Generate Names". After that, the list with the options and availability of domains ".com" with this name will appear. You can remove from the list options with three words, affixes or associations to the keyword.

A more exciting but paid approach is to organize a contest for the best name. To do this, you need to click Hold a naming contest and fill out a form with a description of the business and a wish for a future name. The cost of the service is $35 to $45. As they write on the service site, the contest lasts up to 3 days, and contestants suggest an average of not less than 150 names.

Business name options with the keyword "kitchen"

Advantages: a variety of options, checking the availability of the domain, and the ability to organize a contest for the best name.

Disadvantages: registration is required, the number of free generations is limited, and it is not always clear what the difference between the styles of names


Dot-o-motor generates names by combining two words without any modifications. Unlike other services, words are not chosen randomly. The user gets ready word lists from which he can delete unnecessary variants or write his own manually.

Home page Dot-o-mator

Strengths: easy to use.

Weaknesses: a small number of options, no settings.


To create a LeanDomainSearch title, just enter a keyword. No additional generator settings. Service emphasizes not the quality of options but their quantity - in a second, it can generate more than a thousand names. 

In 0.06 seconds, the generator found 972 variants.

Advantages: fast operation, a lot of options.

Weaknesses: lack of settings.


Namelix does not use the standard method of combining two words. It uses artificial intelligence. The creation process consists of three steps.

  • Specifying a keyword.

  • Selecting the length of the name from 3 letters.

  • Generation of the name.

Along with the name, the user is offered a ready-made logo. Suggested options do not always contain the keyword in its given form. The artificial intelligence generator takes synonym words and uses associations and wordplay.

Variants of names and logos by keyword kitchen

Advantages: artificial intelligence, names immediately with logos, unusual options.

Weaknesses: none detected.

To summarize

We have selected the best generators of the online store name. We will not single out one service. We advise you to try each one yourself because all the generators have their advantages, and the choice depends on personal preferences.

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