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Upsell is a sales technique that increases the order value by offering customers more expensive products than they initially planned to buy. Upselling is a basic tactic in commerce and one of the most effective ways to increase the average check. A typical example of an upsell is when you want to buy a smartphone with 6/128 GB features, and the consultant assures you that this memory will not be enough, and it's better to take the same model but with 8/256 GB. In other words, the goal of an upsell is to offer a reasoned suggestion to purchase a more expensive product with better features.

To implement upselling effectively, it's important to know a few things:

  • the store should have a clear understanding of its customer audience and their needs;
  • consultants should have a good knowledge of the product range and know in advance which products to offer and in which situations;
  • fully disclose the advantages of the products or services and don't focus customers' attention on the price;
  • the product offered instead of the initially chosen one must be genuinely useful and relevant to the customer;
  • the cost of the proposed product or service should not exceed the price of the first product;
  • make the offer at the right time, when the customer already wants to buy but is still choosing between products and hasn't made a final decision;
  • don't be too insistent if the customer refuses the upsell.

The format of upselling to use depends on the specific features of the products or services being sold. For example, if it's a subscription with different tariffs, it's better to show what additional features the user gets with the more expensive option. For a regular online store, upselling can be provided by modifications on the product page, where the user can choose different screen sizes of a TV and see the price change. Also, add blocks with recommended products that the buyer will see when viewing other products. Upselling doesn't necessarily have to be related to the price increase of one product. Promotions like 1+1=3 or free delivery for orders over a certain amount are also varieties of upselling.

The most important condition for successful upselling is the trust and loyalty of customers. They must be confident in your expertise, as this determines whether they will listen to your advice. Show that you can find an individual approach. Customers should know that you want the best for them, and spending additional funds is worth it.

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