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Cartum designs for different business niches

Cartum designs for different business niches

The design of an online store is fundamental to winning over your audience. We prepared some advice on how to capture users’ attention. We are sure this can help you find an appropriate website design.

Table of contents
  1. Clothes
  2. Women’s Jewelry
  3. Flowers
  4. Food
  5. Children's Goods
  6. Electronics
  7. Animal Products
  8. Conclusion

Launching an online store is only possible with a trendy web design. You can choose from more than 100 Cartum designs for different niches.


White space, minimalism, and appealing banners are the main trends for designing an online clothing store. You should refrain from sophisticated design decisions. White and black are the best colors for your interface.

The biggest problem with buying clothes online is that you can’t try on the thing you like. Therefore, you should use a size grid in the product card. Horizontal filtering in the product catalog helps the user see all filters simultaneously. This way, you will have more space for product cards.

Women’s Jewelry

Your online store should inspire users’ trust to sell expensive products like jewelry. You want your potential customers to know they can trust you with their money. A concise design can help with that.

You should strive for a neutral design to balance the jewelry's gold and silver colors. Many not-that-well-designed websites use fancy and bright elements for their interface, but it overcrowds their website. You can add soft colors that will be neatly combined with the product photos. Also, product mini-cards should be large and eye-catching.


The flowers are vibrant, so the design should not be overcrowded by pictures. It should be as neutral as possible not to distract attention from the products. Remember an elementary principle: having fewer elements on the page help users to have a better experience in your online store. It helps them to get from point A to point B faster. Visitors perceive information from images and don’t read the page thoroughly.

It's better to place only the popular categories in the catalog on the main page and show the rest in the drop-down list. Also, add advanced filters so users can easily find the type of flowers, the height of bouquets, etc., they want.


The design of an online food store depends on the products you offer. For eco-products, you should use a lot of green tones. If it is bread, creating a cozy atmosphere using pastel, brown, and other calm dark colors is a good idea.

Be visible at first glance. Use banners to present promotions in grocery stores that are held frequently. They should be visible at the first glance. Small product mini-cards are acceptable.

Children's Goods

The web design in the online store with products for children shouldn’t be overloaded with cartoon elements or popular cartoon characters. Remember, parents are the ones deciding to buy, not the children. However, you can use bright colors like pink and blue to emphasize the children's theme.

The most important feature of the store is an age filter. It helps parents to find relevant products for their children promptly.


You can use bright colors and many banners in an online electronics store without hesitation. The users are interested in characteristics, not photos, so the mini cards can be smaller.

It is a great idea to display the main product modifications on the preview of product cards. Clients should see them after hovering the mouse. That way, users can immediately see if the store has, e.g., the right color or amount of smartphone memory.

Animal Products

Rich colors and animalistic graphic elements are the most popular decisions for designing an online pet store. The filters are essential here. Customers can choose products for their type of pet just with one click. 


More than 6,000 online stores use Cartum designs. Some customers choose designs with slight changes to the original blueprint, e.g., different header colors, buttons, etc. Others order individual customization of the selected design within the framework of the platform's capabilities.

To learn more, fill out the form to create an online store. Our managers will explain to you all the details. Moreover, you can test the ready-made online store for 14 days to ensure it suits you.

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