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Abandoned Cart

An abandoned cart is a case when a customer of an online store adds a product to the cart but does not complete the purchase. Abandoned carts are a common occurrence in e-commerce. According to various studies, almost 70% of users do not complete the checkout process and leave items in their carts. The reasons for abandoned carts can be:

  • additional expenses that arise during the checkout process;
  • the need for registration to make a purchase;
  • a lengthy checkout process;
  • the absence of the expected total price, which makes customers hesitant to pay more than expected;
  • uncertainty about the security of payment;
  • website errors;
  • unsatisfactory return or warranty conditions;
  • the absence of desired payment options, for example, cash on delivery.

Even if there are no issues from the above list, customers may still abandon their carts. They may do so inadvertently, simply by adding an item to the cart by mistake. The store owner needs to understand that it is impossible to completely eliminate abandoned carts, and it is a regular part of e-commerce. To ensure that there are no issues with the website, the owner can go through the customer journey and see the checkout process from the customer's perspective. He may notice something that could hinder customers from making a purchase.

To deal with abandoned carts, online store owners often use email marketing. If a user is registered on the website and has added a product to their cart, the store can send them a reminder email. According to email service providers, approximately 20% of users click on the link in the email and half of them complete the purchase. But even if that does not happen, abandoned carts should not be seen as a marker of ineffective online store management. It is only one of the indicators that should be considered as part of a comprehensive analysis.

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