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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style language used to customize the appearance and formatting of website pages. With CSS, various visual characteristics of a website page are adjusted, such as colors, fonts, sizes, element positioning, and more. CSS works with HTML, which defines the content of the web page and is used to separate the page's structure from its visual display.

One of the main advantages of CSS is the ability to create a unified design for all website pages. This is achieved by creating a set of style rules that can be applied to any page on the site. Thus, a change in one place can affect all pages. CSS can be used to solve simple and complex tasks simultaneously. The language supports many features, such as animations, transformations, transitions, and other effects that can be used to create interactive user interfaces.

There are several ways to use CSS on web pages, including internal, external, and inline usage. Internal CSS usage involves inserting style rules directly inside HTML tags, external usage involves creating a separate CSS file that is then linked to the HTML page. Inline usage combines both methods.

CSS has several advantages that make developers love this language.

  1. Content and formatting separation. With the use of CSS, the appearance of a page can be changed without having to modify its content.
  2. Universality. CSS is used to style web pages on all devices and platforms. The language provides a consistent style and formatting for the page regardless of the browser or device used to view it.
  3. Flexibility and control. With CSS, developers can create multi-level and complex page design structures, as well as easily manage and modify them. This gives developers greater freedom in creating individual design solutions.
  4. Improved performance. The use of CSS can improve website performance because CSS files are cached on the visitor's side. This means that the browser can load them only once and reuse them for other pages on the site.
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