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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is an SMS message notifying a customer about his interaction with an online store or other service-providing company. For example, if a customer has booked a hotel room on a website, he would receive a message on his phone confirming the booking — this is a transactional SMS. Such notifications can come not only in the form of a classic SMS, but also as messages in messenger apps.

Transactional SMS can be used to inform customers about a variety of events. With transactional SMS, companies can provide information about:

  • order status — a company can send messages for each status update of an order, so that the customer can see the progress. For example, «your order has been received», «your order has been packed», etc.;
  • tracking number — this will serve as confirmation that the order has been shipped and will help the customer to receive their package at the post office;
  • payment details — if a customer has not yet paid for their order, SMS can be sent with the payment details and amount;
  • thank you for the purchase — a simple «thank you» in response to a purchase positively impacts customer loyalty and helps to establish additional contact with him.

Transactional SMS is an extremely convenient tool for communicating with customers. Message sending can be made automatic, and SMS will be triggered after the customer has performed certain actions. Data in SMS will also be automatically populated. All of this allows the company to stay in constant contact with its customers.

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