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Who are the brand advocates

Who Are Brand Advocates and Why Do They Matter?

Brand advocates are people who use the services of a business, speak positively about it and strongly support its activities in public. In this article, we'll show you how to turn loyal customers into brand advocates.

Table of contents
  1. Who are called brand advocates
  2. How brand advocates benefit
  3. What it takes for brand advocates to emerge
  4. Conclusion

Online retailers must work on their reputation by working with customers and creating a positive business image, but this is quite a complex task. However, you can simplify this process with the help of brand advocates. In this article, you'll learn who brand advocates are, what they do, and what it takes to make them happen.

Who are called brand advocates

Brand advocates are people who use the services of a business by speaking positively about it and supporting it in every way in public. Through their actions, brand advocates maintain the online store's reputation and promote and bring in new leads.

Who can become a brand advocate

  • Customers. The primary source of brand advocates are customers who are satisfied with the service level and quality of goods and make regular purchases. Their loyalty will become the major to protect the interest of the online store.

  • Partners. If you cooperate with other companies and this experience is positive, partners can improve your reputation, for example, by recommending you to others or remembering the store in a good tone.

  • Store Personnel. The shop staff knows the store like no one else because they see it from the inside. They can argue the position of the online store in the public space.

What's the difference between referral marketing

We used to talk about referral marketing, where existing customers attract new ones. Brand advocates do the same thing by giving positive feedback to the store. Unlike referrals, they don't receive a financial benefit for doing so but act out of personal conviction.

How brand advocates benefit

  • Promotion. It is possible to consider brand advocates as a source of organic traffic and their activities as advertising for the online store.

  • Nativeness. Brand advocates operate on a selfless basis. They truly value the store, so their recommendations are comparable to native advertising. It's not as intrusive as conventional marketing and will work with those who don't perceive typical marketing.

  • Mentionability. Mentioning the store name on third-party resources is an essential link in the chain of good reputation creation. Of course, if that mention is in a pleasant tone. Brand advocates will take care of that.

  • User-generated content. One of the functions of brand advocates is to create user-generated content, for example, a detailed product review on social media or a video review of a product. This kind of content influences customers' opinions - 70% of people trust it more than professionally created content.

  • Savings on marketing. Since brand advocates promote the online store for free and bring in new customers - you'll save some money on promotion.

What it takes for brand advocates to emerge

For ordinary customers to turn into brand advocates, the store must have a specific ecosystem to facilitate their emergence. You can create it on your own.

Communicate with your customers

Communicating your values to your customers is only possible through communication. Respond to feedback about the store, regardless of whether it is good or bad. In doing so, don't overuse one-size-fits-all responses, but take a personalized approach. You will show your customers that their opinion matters to you and encourage them to leave further feedback.

Thank You Clients

A thank-you letter to a customer after you've placed an order is standard practice, but it doesn't make it any less valuable. It's the first step toward getting closer to the customer - it shouldn't be overlooked. And if you're developing a social media store where your customers have gathered, take the opportunity to thank them publicly.

For example, hold a contest and select winners based on the results. Make a social media post naming the winners, awarding them, and thanking them for their activity. It will let customers know that the store appreciates their efforts.

Improve the user experience

User experience is the experience of using a product. For an online store, the usability of the site, communication with the sales department, and the quality of products influence the user experience.

Last year Cartum researched customer service. It turned out that half of the stores don't return missed calls from customers, and after placing an order, they take an average of 3 hours to respond. It doesn't help turn customers into brand advocates.

Be transparent

The operation of an online store should be transparent so that users are confident in the security of their purchases. It depends on a spelt-out return policy and the availability of different payment and delivery methods.

Give customers more than they expect

When a person enters an online store, he expects to receive good service and quality products - he pays money for that. Exaggerate his expectations, for example, by creating an online store blog with informative content. Then the store will become for him not only a place to buy goods but also a source of free helpful information.

Get feedback

Ask customers what they think should be improved in the online store. For this purpose, generate discussions in social networks or the newsletter. Customers will feel involved in the online store and understand their opinion is valued.

A great way to learn about customer sentiment is by measuring the Customer Loyalty Index. To do this, ask customers to rate on a ten-point scale the likelihood that they would recommend the online store to their friends. Customers with a 7-8 rating are considered neutral. And users who gave 9-10 points are your potential brand advocates or already are.

Be patient

Customers don't turn into brand advocates instantly. They need time to do so, at least to make a few purchases in-store. You need to maintain the environment in which brand advocates appear and wait.


Brand advocates are indispensable helpers in building a good business reputation. They also indicate a high level of customer service. Raise that level and watch brand advocates show up in your reputation.

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