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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool for obtaining information about the state of a website in Google's organic search. Search Console is used by website owners and marketing specialists to obtain data on organic traffic to the site. The service provides convenient reports that help to understand what is happening with the site in the context of Google's search engine.

To use the tool, you need to verify the rights to the site for which analytics will be displayed. After that, the site owner will have access to extended information about the site. With the help of Google Search Console, you can find out:

  • how many people come to the site and individual pages from organic search;
  • the number of site and page impressions in search results;
  • page click-through rates, i.e., the percentage of users who click on a link when they see it in search results;
  • the total number of clicks from the organic search that site pages receive;
  • which site pages bring the most traffic;
  • which positions the site occupies in search results;
  • which queries and how often users find the site;
  • the number of backlinks to the site;
  • from which devices and countries users access the site;
  • the presence of an extended snippet for the site in search results.

In addition to traffic data, Google Search Console helps with site page indexing. The site is indexed even without the service, but it allows you to control the indexing process and fix any problems that arise. Google Search Console provides data on indexed pages. If pages for some reason have not been indexed or have been indexed with errors, the service will inform you of the problems. The site owner will find out the specific reason why indexing was disrupted, fix it, and the site will be added to Google's search engine. In addition, the service points out pages with errors, such as 404, and duplicates, which can also cause indexing problems.

Google Search Console expertise goes far beyond traffic and indexing. The service helps the owner to improve the site by checking it for deficiencies. Google evaluates how user-friendly the site is for desktop and mobile devices, essentially evaluating the usability of the two site versions. For example, Google Search Console may say that the font on the mobile version of the site is too small or that the content is displayed incorrectly. The service also evaluates the site's speed and provides advice if it is unsatisfactory.

All information in Google Search Console is presented in convenient graphs and tables. The tool is useful for both regular website owners and SEO specialists. Connecting the service and managing it is not difficult. Together with free use, these factors make Google Search Console an indispensable tool in its niche.

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