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Just-in-Time (JIT)

Just-in-Time or JIT is a concept where components and raw materials are supplied to production at the exact moment they are needed. This allows the company to avoid spending money on storing goods and can quickly change its production line. To implement JIT in a company, communication between departments and contractors must be established. It is important to identify production needs in a timely manner and quickly meet them as they arise.

Initially, the JIT concept was introduced in the automotive production of Toyota. But since then, the scope of JIT has expanded significantly. The concept is now applied in other areas that are indirectly related to production. The concept can be seen in action in restaurants. For example, a sushi restaurant needs fresh fish to maintain quality dishes. Frozen products are not suitable for this purpose. Therefore, the restaurant needs the supplier to always bring fresh fish before the start of the workday, which will be used immediately that day. If the restaurant used a different concept, the quality of the dishes would be lower, which would affect customer satisfaction.

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