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Unique Visitors

Unique visitors are users who have visited a website once or several times. Regardless of the number of site visits, a user with the same IP address will only be counted once by the system. Unique visitors are counted for a selected period, which can be a day, week, month, or any other time frame. This metric is one of the main ones in web analytics for evaluating the effectiveness of promotion and traffic attraction to the site. A visitor does not necessarily mean a live person. If a search robot enters the site, it will also be counted as a unique visitor.

Any web analytics system counts unique visitors. When counting, the system takes into account not only the IP address but also other factors such as geolocation, browser, and device used to access the site. The system evaluates the combination of these characteristics and decides whether it is a unique user or not. If a user enters a site and views several pages during their session, the system will count them as one unique site visitor. At the same time, each page will receive one view if the data is viewed separately for them. By knowing the number of unique visitors, you can evaluate the size of your audience, determine the success of your advertising campaign, and the effectiveness of SEO.

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