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Top 5 hobbies where you can make money

Top 5 Hobbies That Make Money 2023

One of the golden rules of choosing a niche for an online shop is to do what you love. With the right approach, your hobby can bring in money. This article describes popular hobbies and shows examples of successful e-shops on the Cartum platform.

Table of contents
  1. Fashion
  2. Sports
  3. Interior Design
  4. Board games
  5. Tourism
  6. Conclusions

One of the golden rules of choosing a niche for an online shop is to do what you love. With the right approach, your hobby can bring in money. This article describes popular hobbies and shows examples of successful e-shops on the Cartum platform.


If you're interested in the impact clothes, shoes and accessories can change people, follow fashion shows and constantly surf AliExpress and Amazon looking for the perfect pieces for little money, now is the time to monetise your skills.


You can open an online shop specialising solely in selling the clothes you like. In it, you will offer like-minded people ideas for a capsule wardrobe, create sets using suggested products, and give proper recommendations on fabrics, sizes fit, etc.


Not for nothing, not for nothing, you bought these 50 pairs of shoes, half of which are all waiting for their turn in the closet. Now you've seen firsthand how important it is to choose the correct heel height, toe shape, material density and width of fit. You can tell your customers all this to help them make the right choice.


Stylish glasses, topical pendants, on-trend bags - all these things create half or even most of the look. If you follow Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and other Influencers' new images, you know what trends will be relevant in a few months. Make your accessories or buy them from a supplier and sell them in your online store.



If you run and participate in marathons, more often than not means you have an excellent understanding of the types of running shoes. You know everything about the features of the foot, loading, materials, etc., and therefore - you will be able to give quality advice to the buyer. Over time, it will be possible to expand the range to sell other shoe types.


If you are interested in fitness or yoga, you can open an online sportswear store. You know how dense the elbows should be and how long the tops should be.

Sports Nutrition

If you like to sip iron at the gym and use supplements to enhance the effect, we are sure that you have read more than one hundred pages of information on various medical websites. Share your experiences with the online store.

Interior Design

If you have had to make repairs and suddenly enjoy the process, consider opening an online home improvement store. The primary signal is an active interest in all sorts of lamps, rugs, wallpaper and door handle shapes that you fill your boards with on Pinterest.

Furniture for the home

As a lover of different designs, you will be able to select great furniture in different styles for your site. You know perfectly well the difference between loft and minimalist chairs, so you will be able to offer your customers the perfect solution.

Architectural Decor

As a fan of your business, you have read a lot about different types of stucco, decor for facades, etc. Who better than to write quality product descriptions and tell customers, who are often far from experts in such matters, which type of tile is suitable for the floor and walls in their bathroom?

Bathroom products

You can also choose to specialize, for example, offer goods only for the bathroom. But even there is room to spread: you can propose different types of bathtubs and Jacuzzis, mirrors with lighting, soft floor mats, stylish shower curtains, etc.

Board games

If you love spending time with your family on board games, are fans of complex strategy walkthroughs, and think the best way to learn the Periodic Table is through a well-drawn and thought-out video game, consider having your online store.

You know all games should be beneficial and close some needs: communication, excitement, learning, etc. It means that you can offer each customer exactly what he needs. Well, get all the new products from suppliers for personal use.


If you practice extreme climbing or regularly go to the mountains with tents, you know how important it is to choose the correct clothing and equipment. Not only your comfort but also your health and sometimes your life will depend on it. You cannot take such things lightly, so be sure that before buying, you carefully studied the theoretical basis of the reliability of tents, the warmth of sleeping bags, the strength of carbines, etc. You can monetize this knowledge with your online store.


You can turn a genuine interest in your hobby into a profitable business. The fact that you have an excellent understanding of the topic and have tried out the product in practice is your competitive advantage. Choose a design from our gallery and leave an application to create your own online store. Good luck - it will all work out!

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