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Keywords are the words or phrases with which users search for the content they are interested in: information, products, services, etc. In simple terms, keywords are search terms that we make, for example, in the Google search engine. But these search terms have a special value for the site owner because people can use them to find his site. Keywords are extremely important for search engine promotion. It is under keywords optimized content of the site so that its pages were relevant to users' requests and get a high position in search results.

Keywords are the basis of the semantic core, that is, all words and phrases that accurately describe the content of the site. The selection of keywords is made by analyzing and studying statistics. To do this, SEO experts use programs that collect keywords. For example, the keyword planner from Google. First, the specialist independently determines the starting keywords that he or she thinks can be used to find content on the site. And then it collects queries related to the starting keyword. The words should be carefully filtered, although they should be as large as possible in order to fully collect all of the queries customers might use to find the site.

Keywords can be high-frequency, medium-frequency, and low-frequency. Frequency depends on how actively users are searching for keywords. The higher the frequency, the more traffic you can get for a particular query. At the same time, there is strong competition in search results for high-frequency keywords and it is very difficult to reach the top.

Also, keywords are divided into varieties:

  • geolocal — those that contain the name of a particular city or country in the search query;
  • branded — when a search query contains the name of the brand;
  • navigation — when users are looking for a site or page by name, but do not know the exact address;
  • transactional — queries that users make with the intention to buy something, and which include the words «buy», «order», etc;
  • multimedia — queries for content search, which contain the words «photo", «video», etc.

The main requirement for keywords is their relevance. The words should correspond exactly to the content of the site, so the formed list is a very detailed check for irrelevant samples. Without keywords, the site owner will not be able to create content that would meet the interests of users and reach the top of search results.

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